Dubai Interactive Course information

Preparation for candidates ahead of their Specialty Certificate Examination/Knowledge Based Assessment in Nephrology.

This course provides you with a comprehensive collection of revision questions covering all of the key topics
expected in the exam.

The questions aim to refresh your knowledge for the specialist level of the exam and all aspects are delivered in the same format (BoF) used in the Specialty Certificate Examination/Knowledge Based Assessment.

This course will help candidates recognize and address their weaker areas of knowledge ahead of the assessment.

Our Online Mock Exam Course will enhance candidates' capacity to…

  1. Understand the case history, data, or slide question quickly
  2. Assimilate all the information
  3. Appreciate important components of the history
  4. Focus on pattern recognition
  5. Conclude why one of the BOF stems carries all the marks

Target Candidates

Those preparing for

  • Renal Specialty Certificate exam by royal college of physicians of UK
  • Saudi Arab Board in Nephrology
  • Jordanian Board in Nephrology
  • FCPS Nephrology exam by CPSP Pakistan
  • American Board in Nephrology
  • Canadian Royal College Nephrology Exam

Teaching Method

  • A friendly, relaxed and intimidation-free atmosphere where no candidate is 'put on the spot'. You mark your own paper. Do not expect to be lectured to.
  • Candidates are actively encouraged to ask questions
  • An emphasis on pattern recognition and technique
  • 1 mock exams including 50 question
  • Teaching extensive archive of over 300 pictures including MRI /CT/ ultrasound scans/ CXR/ common ECGs & Renal Biopsy slides coming in exam.

About Renal Specialty Certificate Exam

Check full detail about exam format and booking on following web site.