I Just looked at your website looks very good and clearly a lot of work from you all. hope it succeeds I looked at a few questions and they look good too ... In right format, the real ones tend to have bit more clinical information and more data often, but not always, and you should be careful to avoid negative questions which can be hard to interpret sometimes and avoided in the real exam. once again very well done Best Wishes jeremy

Director of Education Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Reader in Renal Medicine and Medical Education Imperial College London, Head of London School of Medicine and Medical Specialties

I will never forget you. You taught us how to think as a clinician and approach BOF. Your Riyadh interactive course, assisted me in preparing with confidence for renal specialty exams.Ill highly recommend your course for anyone who wish to sit in renal specialty exam. God bless you

Dr Sarah, Riyadh

AssalamAleikum Dr Farhan & Dr Ebad Hope you the best in your new endeavor. I'd like to say that you guys have just done superb - you are just on your way to the top by helping others. Awesome piece of work ..... Great.

Mohammad Akhtar Hossain, MD Clinical Research Specialist Multi-organ Transplant Center Mohammad Akhtar Hossain, MD

Excellent work done, Really your website will help all candidates who are going for renal specialty exam. I invite you to conduct your course in my institution, once again well done

Professor Adeebul Hassan Rizvi Chairman & Director, SIUT, Karachi

Many thanks for Renal Specialty Exam Course Team. Today 25th March 2013, I passed my SCE Exam. Words cannot express how grateful and happy I am. Please keep the website running, under this website i got everything what is needed to pass this difficult exam. Great effort in collecting past paper questions it really helped . It was one of the best courses i ever attended.

Amit Thakar ST3 Fellow in Nephrology Birmingham, UK

This was my 3rd attempt for renal SCE exam and i did this time just doing practice of BOF questions on website, solid 3 months work .It really helped me . I strongly recommend this website for preparing Renal SCE Exam.

Dr Hussein Al yami Nephrologist Oman

Renal specialty certificate course was very beneficial to prepare for the Exam . It gives you the skills, knowledge, and confidence you need to pass the Exam. I passed the Renal SCE exam with flying colours. Thanks For the wonderful course and Practice Question Bank on your website.

MOHAMED RASHWAN‏ Assistant consultant KING Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center

Thank you very much DrFarhan Mushtaq & Dr.Ebad Rahman for a wonderful course and excellent web questions Bank. thank you for all lecturers and other contributors who organize the course for Renal Specialty Exam this course was interesting,very well organized, knowledgeable and helpful for passing the Renal SCE Exam. I strongly recommend to do this course before exam Thanks again.

Dr Mohamad Nabih Farhat Shamesy Hospital, Riyadh